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The establishment of the Los Angeles Dodgers dates back to 1890 when it was founded as the Brooklyn Dodgers. The Los Angeles Dodgers team was initially nicknamed the Bridegrooms. This is because most of the teammates were married recently. The title was later changed to Trolley Dodgers which later was shortened to just Dodgers. Cheap Dodgers tickets are so difficult to find online, get them at stubhub.

Until 1958, the Dodgers were based in Brooklyn where they won 12 national league pennants from 1890 to 1958. In 1955 they won the World Series title. The team moved to Los Angeles in 1958 where they came to conquer their second World Series championship title by the end of their first season where they beat Chicago White Sox in the 1959 game.

The Los Angeles Dodgers came to be a strong team in the mid 20th century, winning World Series championships in 1955, 1958, 1963 and 1965. They won again in 1981 and 1988. Since the team’s last World Series win in 1988, they haven’t won a National League pennant having won only four divisions titles since that last victory.

As far as game ranking is concerned, the Los Angeles Dodgers are second on the list. This is a team that has won 90 games over the last season and it wouldn’t surprise me if they came out this season with wins somewhere between 95 and 100. This is very promising and becomes more promising when you consider the fact that the team has maintained the top position of its division for basically the entire season. Wow! That is some supreme level performance by the Los Angeles Dodgers.

According to the statistics of the 2013 World Series, Los Angeles Dodgers became the talented and exciting team everyone expected to be, once their new owners took over. After the several high-priced wins and the joining of a sensational rookie by the name Yassielpuig, the team is one of the strongest and the top contenders of this season’s title which leaves little room for other contenders.

The team’s starting pitching is redoubtable. Hyun-Jin, Zack Greinke and Clayton Kershaw are very good pitchers and have over a dozen wins in the season. The rest of the team is also solid and so there is no reason to think that the team would be rumbling and bouncing their way to the World Series title. They are sure shot winners in this season. Let’s wait and watch.