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You Should See The Book of Mormon

When it comes to watching Broadway shows, we normally seek for something that is worth what we pay for and speaking of that kind of show we should thank the existence of the musical play called Book of Mormon. Originally launched in 2011, this play was noted as one of the highest-charting plays in the history and has already gathered uncountable number of awards since. It has broken many records and there’s absolutely no stopping to the success this musical continues to see. Get tickets for Book of Mormon today!

The story revolves around the life and experiences of two Mormon missionaries, Elder Price (Nic Roulleau) and Elder Cunningham (Ben Platt) who were sent to Uganda. There they find out that there is much more to the locals of Uganda than what religion could probably offer. The people were terrorized by war lords and preaching the word of God takes a more complicated path than what the two had expected. They were oblivious to this dichotomy that existed in the Ugandan culture and soon they found themselves dealing with a host of new problems and challenges to change the mindset of the locals of Uganda.

This musical focuses on faith, culture, friendship, diversity and sexuality with the touch of the story line’s comic intelligence. No, you are not going to hear a typical religious choir here. What awaits for you on stage are songs like All-America Prophet, Man Up, Turn It Off, and Two by Two. The book, music and lyrics are prepared by three award-winning writers Matt Stone, Robert Lopez and Trey Parker. It is very contemporary and stylized in its treatment.

The play stars the following actors – Nic Rouleau, Ben Platt, Syesha Mercado, Matt Loehr, Daniel Breaker, Lewis Cleale, Derrick Williams, Stephen Christopher Anthony, Scott Barnhardt, Jacob ben Widmar, Daxton Bloomquist, Gragam Bowen, Terren Wooten Clarke, Rob Colletti, Chrisitan Delcroix and many more talented acts.

Note that this show has a lot of “swearing” involved. So if you don’t like to hear bad words, you may want to keep your kids at home for this one and this one might not be for you. But as per the New York Time’s review, “This is the best musical of this century. Very impeccably produced on every level. Heaven on Broadway.” That alone might entice you to reserve your spot now. Go and grab your tickets before they get sold out at the Box Office.