Stanley Cup

Stanley Cup 2014

In the year 1892, Lord Stanley of Preston, vowed to give a cup that was to be held annually by the club winning while in a sports banquet in Ottawa. And true to his w

The following year, he purchased a silver bowl worth $ 50 and named it the Dominion Hockey challenge Cup. However, hockey fans went with a less formal name, the Stanley Cup. They took a liking to this succinct name. The Stanley Cup is an awesome and prestigous honor to win get tickets to the NHL playoffs to see your team compete for the cup at

The very first winner of the cup was the Montreal AAA team that finished at the top of the Amateur hockey association of Canada, which was considered one of the best at the time. In the early years and until the National Hockey Association took Control over in 1910, it was more of a challenge cup and changed hands pretty much as the boxing title does.

That is just a brief history on the cup. The Stanley Playoffs are finally here again. At this point in the season, you should be having a good idea of the good teams and bad teams as well as the team that is most likely to take away the cup. Once you get a hang of watching many seasons, it becomes easier for you to track each team’s progress and get a better understanding of the dynamics of the league points.

The St Louis Blues have a pretty good chance of taking away the cup this season. If they had a weakness, their general manager fixed it at the trade deadline when he got Ryan miller. Some may question whether they gave a lot for what many don’t consider an upgraded version and for a player who may end up being more of a rental. However, something to bear in mind however is the fact that he may not be a huge upgrade over Halak, but none the less, he is still an upgrade. Never the less, the team has what it takes. They have great possession as a team and they managed to fix their biggest weakness. One has to commend them in taking the requireds corrective measure in a timely fashion.

Also if you consider the statistics in the past, St Louis stands at a better position to win the league than any other team. For the first time in the team’s 44 year history, they may win the 2014 Stanley Cup. They’ve got a very strong chance this time around.