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Pittsburgh Steelers

Originally called the Pittsburgh Pirates when it was started in 1933, the Pittsburgh Steelers boasts of being the oldest franchise in the American Football Conference (AFC) and with cheap Pittsburgh Steelers tickets you can watch the oldest team in the AFC compete for a ring.It is a professional football team based in Pennsylvania and belongs to the north division of the National Football League (NFL).It has hosted more conference championship games and shares the record for most Super Bowl appearances (eight) with the Dallas Cowboys. Pittsburgh Steelers have won more Super Bowl titles (six) than any other team in the league. These constant achievements are as a result of maintaining a squad of highly skilled, professional and dedicated players. Some of their best players include:

Ben Roethlisberger

Voted as the most valuable player in the squad, he also plays in the most important position on the field. He is one of those players who cannot be adequately replaced if he is out in case of an injury or any other reason. He is the core player that has been instrumental in many winning matches of the Steelers.

Troy Polamalu

Because of being injury prone, Troy is one of the players who have revolutionized the way player safety is viewed, evaluated and coached. His achievement in this regard cannot be overlooked.

Antonio Brown

Being one of the youngest players in the league ,Brown is an extremely talented return genius when on the field. His impact is easily noticed when he is not playing.

• LaMarr Woodley

Referred to as smart and allergic to making mistakes, he is perfect in his positioning on the pitch and when passing the ball. He is a livewire on field.

James Harrison

A pro bowl linebacker, James has the reputation of being a dirty player. He is feared by most opponents because he tends to hit the life out of people. He gives the jitters to the opposition.

Mike Wallace

Known as the speed guy, he is a very important piece to the Steelers’ offense. Mike’s speed and good ball handling skills has made him a home run threat.

Ryan Clark

This is one player who covers a lot of territory, is a fierce hitter and literally keeps the entire defense on their toes. He is the most agile and nimble player in the squad.

Of course these are just a few of the players that make this team the envy of the NFL. Maintaining such a professional squad has always been their path to success.