Strengths and Weaknesses of The Yankees

Strengths and weaknesses of the New York Yankees

Cheap New York Yankees tickets are available because the Yankees have always been among the favorite baseball teams with a big history in the league. While considered among the favorites, sometimes a team is faced with some weaknesses that must be addressed. However, this is not to say that the team lacks points in strength. Currently, when you look at the Yankees’ squad, you will note the following strengths and weaknesses of the New York Yankees:

Center field

The team enjoys playing with one of the best center fielders. In fact, this has become among the major points of strength. The position also has another amazing player with both having the prospects’ depth. The duo is considered to have an impact on short term and potential coming within the system. They have surely made their mark and gained recognition with their unique style of playing.


Another center of strength for the New York Yankees is the Catcher. The team signed a new contract with Brian McCann, considered as one of the best in that position. Additionally, the position has great players in the names of Cervelli, Romine and Murphy. This department looks pretty solid.

Corner Outfielders

Currently, the team is enjoying the set pieces with three of the corner outfields for the 2 league spots. The top name includes Suzuki, Almonte and Beltran who can play in their position at least for two years.

And finally, another strength in the team is the point of rotation that has become dominant. It has 5 aces and three starters in the bullpen making rotation incredible with Tanaka the number 4 starter showing quality. This interchangeability makes the Yankees more flexible with their playing options and can change their game plan very swiftly as and when the situation demands.

The Weaknesses

Though the team has many strengths, it also has weakness points. The first is the bullpen this year. Players like Rivera is gone, Clairborne, Chamberlain and Logan are no longer active thus brings complexity in the bullpen. Other positions considered weak in the team includes numbers 9 and 8.

Interestingly, another weakness is the third and second baseman. Currently, Cano is no longer active. The production in 2B is worrying many and Roberts has not played well since 2009. However, the biggest challenge is the team’s older players, who are not capable of catching up with others in the league, with many above the 30 years mark.