Must-see Rock Concerts in Los Angeles

Rock on! Los Angeles is fully booked with upcoming rock concerts for the year 2014. Whether you love classic rock, alternative rock or punk rock, there’s a concert where you can attend and enjoy the party all you want. Here are some of the rock concerts in Los Angeles you can look forward to so find your cheap concert tickets for sale asap.

Summerland Tour 2014 Schedule : July 17,2014 at 20:00 Performers: Everclear Location: House of Blues LA. Everclear is a California-based pop-rock band known for their polished styles. The band’s music is based on classic rock tempo so you can hear lively and speedy songs that include some woos and yeahs to make punkers and pop enthusiasts happy. Their biggest hits are “Santa Monica” and “Everything to Everyone” from the soundtracks of “Romeo + Juliet” and “Loser.” They have been a local favorite every time they’ve performed here.

Deep Purple Schedule : August 6,2014 at 19:45Performers: Deep Purple and Blue Oyster Cult Location: Pacific Amphitheatre (Costa Mesa, CA)Deep Purple is legend. This English rock band formed in 1968 is known as one of the pioneers of modern hard rock and heavy metal. In mid-1970, the band released its first album, “In Rock” which included the hits “Child in Time,” “Into the Fire” and “Speed King.” Their first single to join the UK Top Ten was titled “Black Night.” In February 2013, the band announced its new and final album “Now What?!” that contains 12 tracks and was recorded in Nashville.

Linkin Park: Carnivores Tour Schedule : September 11,2014 at 18:30 Performers: Linkin Park and 30 Seconds to Mars Location: Verizon Wireless Amphitheater (Irvine, CA) Linkin Park and 30 Seconds to Mars, two of the today’s most popular bands, are having their summer concert tour. They will also be joined by AFI for a special guest act. Linkin Park, who needs no introduction, is known for several hits such as “Numb”, “Somewhere I Belong” and “Faint.” They are the kings of angsty rock music. 30 Seconds to Mars has hit singles including “Edge of the Earth,” “Capricorn” and many others. Both bands are known to have concerts sell out globally. These are the true-blue universal bands that have sold record-breaking records all around the planet.
These are just some of the must-see rock concerts in Los Angeles. There’s an eclectic mix of retro, classic and contemporary, covering flavors of all seasons. If you love one or all of them, get your tickets now!