Boston Red Sox On Track for a Great Season

Buy Boston Red Sox tickets because they are in a very strong position in 2014, and if they play their cards right they can have an absolutely outstanding season. There has been a lot of speculation around the winning chances of the Boston Red Sox, but the team is in very good shape despite a few weaknesses. Some of the team’s strong younger players point to a bright future for the Red Sox.

The first and the boldest prediction in this regard is that the Xander will make a huge impact during the season. His professionalism and age are two things which make him outstanding. The 21 year old boy will surely guide the team towards the success. He’s got his head in the right place and is going on the right track.

Middlebrooks will also make a sizeable impact in the future due to his ability of hitting the ball. It has also been predicted that the star will defiantly score 30+ runs and will also try to change the approach towards the game. He is the much needed innovative player in the squad.

Grady Sizemore has been out of the game for at least 2 years and the experts are predicting that the player will try to become as asset for the team and will play outstanding innings though it is hard to tell what approach will he be adopting but the overall result will be positive for the team. Though some have doubts regarding his inclusion in the final squad.

In a similar way Christian Vazquez will also play an outstanding game in the coming season as the defensive skills of the player are stunning and he is capable of changing the face of the game. The Boston Red Sox will never keep him out of the field as they know the abilities of the player very well. He may have more misses than hits but when he strikes, he strikes gold and that is why he is a big asset.

When we talk about the overall team sprit yes Boston Red Sox has the ability to change the stars on their sides with their professional approach and team spirit. The key of the success for this team is their player Felix Doubront who is predicted to win at least 15 games in all as he will try to take full advantage of the last season’s success.